The Smart Roof Deck system provides a perfect air channel to match all shingle warranties and building codes across the United States.

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Smart Roof Deck maximizes the life of your shingles and helps protect your interior from acts of nature.


Invisible to the eye

Hidden behind the fascia board (or metal capping) this intake vent keeps street appeal while also providing dry air entrance to cool the entire roof and shingles. Building code approved!

The Problems that are Corrected Using the SRD System:

  • Failure of the roof shingles due to ventilation problems. SRD vents hips, valleys, skylights, etc.
  • Solar radiation effecting the bedrooms inside the home’s upper floors. SRD has radiant barrier option and has 1.5” air space for proper air space for radiant barrier to work. (>1” space)
  • Heat loss into the attic from the living spaces. SRD fills space with permeable insulation below sub-roof deck.
  • Moisture causing condensation in a cold attic space. SRD keeps attic space conditioned with moisture permeating into 1.5” air channel created.
  • Allowing cold air into a building envelope while trying to also conserve energy/fossil fuels or electric. SRD seals the attic from the outside elements called a sealed attic system, creating a conditioned interior to the 100% sealed building envelope. No more outside cold/hot air entering your building.
  • Freezing pipes from water lines or fire sprinkler systems in the attics. SRD eliminates the extreme cold temperatures because of the sealed building envelope and the r-value insulation against the sub-roof deck inside the attic or cathedral ceiling.
  • Roof leaks anywhere on the shingled roof enters the home’s living space without a secondary barrier. SRD is the secondary leak-proof barrier with the patented DCI Sub-Underlayment Breathable membrane being porous to moisture from the attic but waterproof from water droplets from above. That’s Smart Technology too.
  • Storage items in attic are exposed to extreme heat/cold and roof leaks. SRD eliminates these problems as stated. It’s a conditioned leak-proof roofing system.
  • Gutters back up for many reasons and leak into the soffit areas of homes causing major water damage. SRD stops 100% of water, ice, insects, bees, birds, rodents, etc from entering your home at the eaves edge of the roof. SRD is a totally sealed roof system.
  • Insurance costs continually rise because of the risk of how housing is built today. The SRD lowers insurance costs and insurance related risks for fire, weather, temperature and most roof insurance claims that exist.
  • Utilities run inefficiently due to the extreme changes in attic temperatures from summer to winter. SRD is a ROI (return on investment) since it saves on energy by keeping out the extreme cold and heat, by lowering utility costs as well as possible insurance credits.
  • Fire hazards occur when air enters an attic during a fire through soffit vents and are trapped in the attic. SRD eliminates the entrances for fire into the attic via standard soffit vents and standard ridge venting techniques because it is a sealed system.
  • Building codes are compromised due to construction requirements with standard building techniques due to bad design and structural framing members, especially for attic ventilation. SRD creates it’s own stand alone sleeper system that opens up the ventilation in valleys, hips, low pitched roofs, skylights, chimneys, transition roofing and allows the roof system to be 100% ventilated.
  • Codes are being developed which do not pertain to existing construction, only new construction. SRD is for new construction as well as re-construction and re-roofing. All homes can have the SRD System installed hands down!
  • Hurricanes make roofs leak and damage interior areas as well as roof shingles. SRD eliminates some damages caused by hurricanes due to the tight built design. Time will tell if the SRD totally eliminates hurricane damages.
  • Extreme conditions such as summer heat create havoc on southern homes while northern homes deal with cold winters. SRD is like a thermos, it knows when to protect from heat and knows when to protect from cold both using the same construction techniques.
  • Cathedral ceilings are stuffed with insulation causing overheating and condensation issues below and expensive repairs above and very expensive to correct using today's building techniques. SRD System stops all issues when using permeable insulation where moisture goes through the insulation and into the SRD System. It eliminates the moisture problems and maintains the solar radiant reflectivity by using the LP TechShield as the upper roof deck.
Layout of the 2 x 4 sleepers for air flow (Click to enlarge)
Flat Roof Sleeper Detail (Click to enlarge)

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All these concerns can be eliminated with the new Smart Roof Deck developed exclusively by DCI Products. Get your Smart Roof Deck brochure today by completing the online form.