Our Approach


Since the launch of our first product 30 years ago, DCI Products has focused on providing quality solutions to ventilation and issues of all types. Since all of our products are made by hand in our production facility, we have the ability to easily create and customize solutions quickly.

Our Story


DCI Products, under the leadership of Jack Henderson, has been able to provide ventilation products that are what architects, designers, roofers and spray foam installers have desired.

Our products enter the market when most believe things can't be done. Our product design group has solved troubled home issues since our beginning. Condensation, mold, half-life of shingles have all been addressed and brought to market by DCI.

The DCI Team

Our core is made up of 20+ dedicated employees who have been crossed-trained to and proven to be an asset to our group. Our hand made product require an attention to detail that is far superior to anything on the market. We welcome plant tours to the professional market so you can see how we Design, Create and Innovate.


Jack Henderson

Founder & President

Jack has been creating solutions for homeowners, and professionals in the roofing industry. He has been awarded several ventilation patents. He has been considered one of the top roofing gurus over the past 25 years.


Steve Henderson

Vice President

Steve is not only the product specialist at DCI, he is one of the most hands-on executive officers in the company. Working side by side with our production department there is next to never a time where a due date has been missed.

Next Steps...

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